Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Super Bizarro

Today I saw the weirdest thing. Well I'm always seeing weird things, but today was especially excellent.
I was just strolling down this super busy street doing my job, and across the road, which is 6 lanes of traffic AND a median, I see these two fellows talking. One is scruffy, in trackpants and a ball cap. They appear to know each other, and the one guys is really loaded down with stuff. He's holding a box of who knows what, and has at least 2 stuffed knapsacks, and what looks like a giant mesh bag with stuff in it.
All of a sudden, the one guy grabs the box and fires it into the street and the oncoming traffic. Then they're wrestling, and shoving each other, and dude loses his ball cap. So the guy that HAD been holding the box wanders out into the traffic to retrieve all that has flown up into the air there, and the other guy proceeds to nab a knapsack and runs home. I know where he lives, 'cause I see him all the time.
It was super weird. I kept thinking that he was just one of those thieving drug addicts that heads on into your place when you leave for work, so I was rooting for the guy who threw the box really.

It was SO bizarre. Neither of them had any moves at all!!

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freakpowertix said...

you're living on the mean streets, cagey!!!