Friday, February 03, 2006

Is this anyway to start the weekend?

Jeebus Mary and Joseph!!!!

Reality is too much with me right now.
I had to stop at my favourite crack stop, "20 hour Grocery" today to call an ambulance on some girl doing the crack dance on the street in front of the thrift store. It was really upsetting. To see someone jerking and spazzing and not being aware of how vulnerable they are. Especially a young woman on Hastings street, as we watch the trial of that disgusting pig farm murderer on the news every night. It would be pretty easy to just throw her into a van. Especially when she's not even in control of her own body. It's not even a week since that last woman was murdered up by city hall. It's too much. I need a damn vacation from the neighbourhood.

Fortunately, we have an outing to go to this evening. Our buddy gave us a couple of passes to the Brian Jungen opening tonight. He's fantastic, check out the write up, he makes fantastic art out of really symbolic everyday objects. It's gonna be nuts though, 'cause we're leaving the toddler to run wild with my brother.

Pray for him.


Anonymous said...

Did my husband tell you to write this so I wouldn't want to move to Vancouver??

When we were at the PNE, we were asking directions to downtown, and we asked some cops who were there, and they told us, "Yeah, there's this one part where you're gonna want to roll up your windows and lock your doors..." and I thought that's pretty bad if cops are telling tourists that :/

But Stanley Park won me back over :)


freakpowertix said...

i'm glad you had fun at the opening, cagey!

i'm continually amazed at the stories you tell of life in the 'hood. it was really good of you to call for help for that woman.

that "pig farm murder" thing sound very, very upsetting! jesus. what is going on there?

strange fucking world, no? i still need to write about the aftermath of that postal shooting here in SB county.

on more aesthetic notes: i promise to look at the links more for your artist friend (i've liked what i've seen so far)... & i also dig your new blog design!

it's also been really cool to see you and rica become friends ;)

(hi "reeker"! =)

bye cagey!