Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reality vs Fiction

in my email: "XXX: I received this report from Constable Hancock
again. If you and neighbours are keeping track of
the goings-on at this
place, I'll pass on everything to the police. It
sounds worse than ever.
Have you heard of any of these characters? The
attack happened on 14
February at 9.00 a.m.

Thanks, XXXX

Sex trade worker was lured into XXX XXXXXXXX where
12 persons beat her,
including shaving her hair. vict had been resisting
working for a local
pimp only known as "DICKEY". victim was also
accused of ripping off 'ALFIE'
whom police believe to be susp. victim told PC's
that these 2 males have
been beating girls in the skids.

Weapons used: blunt end of machete/steel pipe

on my answering machine: "It's brenda calling from TOS HUB international. I'm just calling regarding the insurance on the Hummer which is expiring on febuary 26'th".

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woah. now there's a dichotomy for ya.