Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Speed Kills

You know that phenomenon where things tend to speed up the closer we come to them?
It usually happens when there is a looming stressful event in the future, and as you close in on it, things usually speed and wobble and blaze past at an alarming speed.

I'm trying to get this theory into practice with my upcoming holidays.

One of the upsides of my union job is that I have several weeks paid holidays, and I use this as justification for my slacker mentatlity towards work, and life, and more importantly
leisure time.

....just two more days and counting......

And just in time for summer!
'cause what we've been getting here for sometime is a lingering spring feeling.....'cept it's muggy.

um, I'm rambling.
maybe someday I'll consider editing, but not today.

knitgirl out!

.....just two more days........

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