Tuesday, July 05, 2005

newbie on the loose

Ok, so I'm blogging.
Are we having fun yet?

I would have been happier with my true handle.....but I can live without vowels.
I'm not even going to start being neurotic about people crawling inside my head, as this will probably just become my place to blow off steam about my hairy neighbourhood.

I need to calm down a bit, 'cause I'm just a little bit too mouthy for my own good these days.
For example, today I yelled "stop stealing flowers you hag" at some unfortunate woman.
As she turned to see who had been so rude, Yes, I can admit that name calling IS rude, I saw a HUGE bruise coveing half of her face.
So I felt pretty shitty about it all to say the least.

Oh well.
Live and learn.
Maybe tomorrow I can refrain from such poor behaviour.
ok, knitgirl out!

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