Saturday, July 09, 2005

new kids on the block

It seems that some new skateboarders have moved in down the street.
I love it.
They tend to keep the pimps and drug dealers and half dead prostitutes away.

For now at least.

I remember one particular housing development on Main Street all up in arms that a new skatepark was going in down the street.
I wondered how it could be a bad thing since it gave kids something to do, and also tended to keep other folks moving along.
Sort of like a self policing sort of thing.

It turned out great

I know that I'm seeming less tolerant in my old age.....but it really does grate on you seeing the same 'dirtbags' standing on the street in front of your house day after day.
Not to mention becoming aware of the visible decline of the various working girls that get hooked on crack and eventually start to sell their bodies and souls for the stuff.....usually with some parasitic man in tow.
These are the guys that need a field hockey stick up side the head, and I just might be the one to give it to them someday.....

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