Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carnage at the Bus Stop

It has been another crappy day where I feel like hiding under the bed, or running to the hills for some solitude. As I was waiting at the bus stop to begin my job, I heard a thud, and then saw a gang of birds flying away. They had been in pursuit of a Peregrine Falcon which now lay stunned on the sidewalk beside the glass bus shelter.
It was such a bummer.
I picked it up in my hands, and saw the tell tale lolling of the head. I wanted to believe though, and refused to just leave it on the sidewalk, so I took it indoors, and we called the Wildlife Rescue. They tried to tell us on the phone that it was probably just a juvenile Seagull, or Shithawk as I like to call them. Why do people insist on doing that? Telling you that you're probably not right, but anyhoo...

It died, before I even left the station, and I felt so bummed, but it was an incredible thing to enjoy up close even for a fleeting minute or too. It's a shame when nature clashes with the city. I have to cheer on the wildlife I have enjoyed out there when I've been working. I've seen coyotes, raccoons, rats, mice, a mama skunk and her kitten, and legions of spiders that I usually de-web with my face. eeeek!
I don't know what planet is in retrograde, but it has been challenging the past few days that's for sure. Strangely It's like I'm
watching it on reality tv or something. Is this what they call a disconnect?

oh well, big ups to the guys whose pics I stole, and if anyone could tell my why things are so crazy cosmically right now, I would really appreciate it!


marque le dj said...

that's sad. they are such awesome creatures. we have some red tailed hawks that live colse by and they are just amazing to watch. hope things look up soon.

Let's go get some tacos said...

i think it's the pre apocalypse

ricaaaahhhh said...

A bird does not sing because
it has an answer. It sings because
it has a song.
Chinese Proverb