Sunday, August 27, 2006

Art gallery madness...

The Battles at the art gallery on Friday night were great. It was good to get out and catch up with some folks and hear some great music and see some art.The set up at the gallery was for an outdoor concert, but drinks were forbidden down where the band played, so we were forced to swill atop the pyramid stairs that would became the stairs of death later in the evening, or so I imagined.
I can't believe how many people you can reconnect with at the Art Gallery. Becoming a member was well worth the investment!
So we were forced to listen to Sinoa Caves, as we tried to get a couple of drinks into us, and then we descended to the stage to check out the band. Les did a great job with the visuals!

Surreal was the fact that the show backed onto the Robson Square skating rink/ballroom dancing extravaganza. So between songs, you were able to listen to either the Rumba band playing upstairs in the Fuse part of the VAG or you could check out the dancing below street level. It was packed down there. People sure do love their ballroom dancing.
As usual, the battles took us all over hells half acre with their awesome music. They are tight, and fun, and great to watch.
Book of Lists also played and I liked what I heard, until I had to vacate the premises to head over to some art opening which turned out to be great!! I really must get out a bit more. Now that we have a sitter, mebbe it will happen.

Go and see some great music at Victory Square party on Labour Day. It is always a good time. I'm still cursing myself that I missed the damn Unicorns that one year.

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ricaaaahhhh said...

LOL--I've been putting together a list of things my mom says, called "Momisms", and "all over hells half acre" is on it...

I've been meaning to get down to AGO to see the Andy Warhol Exhibit, but I have no one to go with (that would enjoy it).