Friday, June 16, 2006

It was inevitable

Today I saw a dead crow in the street en route.
I even went back to move him with my foot, but alas, he was gone. It was such a bummer, and I can perfectly recall the eye and the way he was lying on his back sprawled. 'sigh
I am a real softy for the little critters. Or big critters even.....if I only had the chance.

Life goes on I suppose. I considered moving him off the street but decided against it.
That would be crazy!

1 comment:

ricaaaahhhh said...

I don't even have the balls to look...wait, I don't even have balls!!

If I see anything lying in the street, I immediately look away, and usually Jer says, "Reek--it's someone's t-shirt!" and I feel better, but not about my eyesight.