Saturday, June 17, 2006

Chulo Pony Sucks

I found this amazing shop in Los Angeles called Una Mae's, and I bought these totally rad shorts there. They were SO me. Black and white herringbone, but really lightly coloured...with a touch of pink in them from a red thread....'sigh...they are fantasic.

So I washed them , and in the very first washing, the pocket became frayed where the two seams join together. It was horrific, and sad because I knew that I couldn't take them back. After the sadness came the pissed off ness. I get choked when buttons fall off of new shirts, because I'd always heard that they can't make a machine that ties a knot, and that is why buttons continuously fall off shirts. So ANYTHING that falls apart on the first washing is shite, and a major pain in the ass, full stop.

I decided to do some sleuthing and discovered that this company is Canadian, and not only that, they're from Vancouver.Even more hilarious is that they are somehow affiliated with Nettwork records. In their own words, "Chulo Pony is a women's clothing label designed from the heart of Nettwerk Music Group". Home of Sarah McLachlan and other banal acts such as Moev. I emailed them all nice and friendly like, but then the friendliness went away. Especially when they didn't even reply to my query. Maybe I should have ordered 200 pairs of their crappy shorts just to get their attention.

Sorry to get my rant on this way, but I really just need to let you all know about this heinous corporation...ha ha, ok, smallish company. I don't mind shelling out for clothes, but I despise paying for crap, and that's the way she's smelling.

Ironically, the shorts came with this beautiful little patch kit. All earth tones and cardboard, very eco friendly.

So if you're thinking about investing in any clothes with the tag Chulo Pony, be prepared to use it baby!!!
Or better yet, check out designers of quailty, like Built By Wendy.


R2K said...

: )

freakpowertix said...

we should rename the company "ass pony."

kntgrl said...

ass pony indeed....they are such fuckers!! : )

ricaaaahhhh said...

Shoulda went for the Lindland's seersucker skirt...