Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weirdness in the City

Yesterday was a day of firsts. It was the first time that I'd ever seen a live cockroach on the bus, just hanging out at the back with me and a couple of First Nation's moms.

It was SO disgusting. The thing was obviously oblivious to us, and just happy to be riding I suppose. I guess it lives on skin and nail clippings, as this seems to be an activity that some people use to pass the time while they're riding.

Also, it was the first time that I've come within 6 feet of a Skunk mummy and her baby, which she was carrying in her mouth like a cat.
And yes...she sprayed!
Though I'm certain that had I just moved along and not shrieked like a little girl, she wouldn't have bothered being alarmed and thus in the mood to spray me. I'm just glad that I wasn't behind her, but I still found myself encircled by the harsh cloud.

I feel worse for the poor kitty that got caught in the middle of it all. But she seemed unbothered that a skunk was just hangin' out. I asked some burnout walking down the street if he smelled skunk, and he said, "Yeah, someone's venting", as if they were say gardening indoors. But I assured him that it was a REAL skunk, and we went our separate ways.
Bye burnout, bye skunk. I just love life in the city.


Let's go get some tacos said...

skunks and cockroaches....hmmmm
it's like a metaphor something ;)

kntgrl said...

urban decayyyyyyy!!!!

mitya said...

are you saying you got sprayed by a skunk? o-m-g. how did you fumigate yourself?

ricaaaahhhh said...

I thank god every day I have never seen a cockroach. An abundance of skunks, but no cockroaches.

Smivey said...

That photo is scary. I would forget the kitty and run.