Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Night's alright for fighting

We all said goodbye to kidjmaj today. I forgot about the major road construction going on around the city, and ended up in traffic hell coming back from the airport. I don't know how people deal with the driving thing everyday. The bus is really no better with all the crazies among us. There's one regular guy who is super tall and looks a bit like some classic horror movie actor. He's obviously crazy, 'cause he'll start crying and moaning at the drop of a hat. It's bizarre. It can end as quickly as it begins.
I'm obsessing about another Final Fantasy song again.There is so much to listen to, and it bugs me that I can't upload the audio to buzznet. But since I don't really spend as much time on there as I used to...(!!!)'s probably a good thing.For now I'll just use the yousend it thing,but I'm going to explore mitya's suggestion one of these days.

Settling back into the grind of the ordinary and the hyper urban is difficult. With the warm weather, out comes unbelievable misery around this neighbourhood. It is hard to take. I'd like to just remain on psychic vacation perpetually?
I'll try and stay positive for as long as possible.


freakpowertix said...

"the hyper urban."

welcome home, yo!

@ least you have some other upcoming travels to look forward to?


not to lure you back to buzznet too much, but we should talk some more about your uploading difficulties! :)

Let's go get some tacos said...

post vacation syndrome
i hate it BAD

mitya said...

eek! what did i suggest? i had buzznet upload problems for a while, too. as usual, as soon as i wrote to say, "hey why isn't this working?" it worked for me.

i guess i need to listen to final fantasy. i've been avoiding it as it sounds absolutely uninteresting to me, but the hype is getting too much to resist (see also unicorns).

as someone on their own version of perpetual vacation, i can tell you it's not all that.