Sunday, May 21, 2006

Vancouver's New Ghetto Bird

Last night for a couple of hours, a bloody helicopter was flying around overhead and shining the light down onto the ground and inside of people's houses. I know this, because when I woke up to check out the noise, the bloody light of the thing shone right into my bedroom window and onto me!
What the fuck?
I can't think that Vancouver needs one of these. The police really need to focus on just doing their job on the ground and not flying around in the air fulfilling all of their voyeuristic needs. It is LAME.
There are no highspeed car chases here, or celebrities on the run, and the work is on the ground, so come on boys, get on the ground and get to work.

I thought of calling 911, but all they do there now is redirect you to their non emergency line. Another job that could be conducted on the ground and no in the air. We'll see if it continues.

Ok, that's my Sunday Morning Rant for now.

Oh, I've just heard, that a 12 year old girl disappeared from Pat's Pub last night. She went out for a walk around 6 pm, and never returned. Not to disrespect the family, but if you're going to stay at Pat's Pub, in the heart of Vancouver's biggest shame, why wouldn't the front desk at least alert you to the fact that it is teeming with drug addicts, pimps and drug dealers. Let's not forget the scores of creeps looking to buy sex, or drugs or both who endlessly circle the blocks, night and day.
Will this finally be the tipping point? Especially after what's happened around the province lately?

gonna run and hide under the bed now!


Let's go get some tacos said...

dang and i thought my sunday morning was a rude awakening. next time have a signal mirror ready and blind that fucker.

ricaaaahhhh said...

Maybe they use it for fun to trip out the druggies, making them think the aliens have finally come to them.

The only helicopters I see in Toronto are for the news, and once I saw one downtown that landed on top of Sick Kid's Hospital. That was a bit of a worrisome thing to see.