Saturday, March 22, 2008

Somebody's knocking at the door....

Somebody's ringin' the bell.

You know the tune, and what with the Private Natural Gas Vendors and the Missionaries on the march, it's the song I've been singing lately.
The Jehovah's Witnesses were by the other day.
I must have been out, or occupied, because my husband saw them from afar and was trying to call and warn me.
Also, the bloody BC Liberals shoved something through my door.
As if......

But even weirder, was the God Graffiti I found directly out front of my door today.
I must say that this is a first, and I was initially creeped out, but now I am amused.
I don't think it was the woman I've dubbed "the witch", whom I have a photo of, but would rather not post.....but I doubt that she would get down on the ground to scrawl that.
She usually just walks up to my front door, looks up towards the rickity roof of my porch and stares. It is most unusual. But in a neighbourhood where some of the patrons wear aluminum foil helmets, there really isn't much that surprises me.

I did a google search on "limb of God" as if that might offer up some clues, but mostly all I found were sites devoted to talking about why God never heals missing limbs etc. Interesting, but not something I have time to explore at present.

I wonder if google will produce anything on "Limbo of God"? Sounds more fun definitely.


anouk said...

Limbo God sounds fun.

I was invited to the "Memorial for Christ's Death" by the JW's the other day.

Sheila said...

Tell me more of this witch. I am curious and creeped out.
Love your limbo of god.
Maybe it's the start of a brilliant round of a great new game.
Bimbo of God
Rambo of God
Comb of God

ricaaaahhhh said...

Isn't there a band called, "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program"?

You won't be laughing at the tinfoil hats when they show up on the runways this fall...yeah you will...