Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lemme Guess...

It must be the day after welfare wednesday, 'cause I've seen the fire truck go by about 4 times today.
Also, I saw an old acquaintance working out on our corner last night.

I wanted to make her a plate of chicken curry to go, but she took off down the street before I could get it together.

le sigh.


anouk said...

OMG. I say the same thing every time, but.....I just can't imagine. Houses in your neighborhood sell for a fortune, and are in the same vicinity as crack whores and other junkies. There needs to be some docu-drama about it all.

John Mc Me said...

The old house looks good. Sure the neighbour is a flutter in colour.

kntgrl said...

John, howdy. It took me FOREVER to figure out who you might be.....D'OH!!

John Mc Me said...

Hello to you too! Give my howdy to your better half and two wee ones.
We too have a wee fun one!

japanese forms said...

Everyday is 'Welfare Wednesday' here.
I'm living in one of the most expensive parts of the city but everytime i go out there are junkies hanging about the street. They don't bother me or annoy me. It's the ones that live in my building -junkies with lots of money- who give me trouble.

ricaaaahhhh said... bad is your chicken curry?? ;P