Saturday, October 14, 2006

No Yo La Tengo

Sadly, I won't be attending the rock show tonight, and by the looks of things on Craig's list, it's sold out! Too bad too, as they are one of my favourite long time running bands. Te Amo Yo La Tengo.
The babysitter cancelled at the last minute. Arrrrgh! It's legit, and she's a kid and all, but in the bigger scheme of things, it feels like Karmic payback for the time I jammed on her. Oh well. I am a true homebody, so I won't miss the going out part, but I will miss the music.

Yo La Tengo are champs live. I still remember them busting out "The Kids are Alright" at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in England. That was back in 2001. The room went crazy!! Especially after hearing dead Princess Diana jokes from Neil Hambuger. They would NEVER be a disappointment musically. I haven't really explored the new record, "I Am Not Afraid Of You And Will Beat Your Ass" too much, but the few tracks I have heard sound like the real McCoy and not just a band cranking out yet another mediocre album. But like I said, I haven't delved into it too much. But you have to love a band that will open a record with an 11 minute song.

Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind.

Besides, if I went out tonight, I'd have to put down the kitten.


Soloyolatenger. said...

I call bullshit. Cancelling because you have to go to your friend's birthday is weak. Now I'm going to YLT by myself. Babysitter=fired!

kristen said...

i wouldn't put that kitten down either.

sighclub said...

just checking back to make sure you still have the cat in your arms.

Let's go get some tacos said...

we were considering going to see them last night but we were too lazy to go out :(

what's the kitty's name???