Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Word on the Street

The annual Word On the Street Festival is happening! We're all heading down there to see one of our favourite bands, Duplex. If you haven't already heard me going on and on about them, you should really check them out! Go here!
They are all over the place: catchy and interesting and infectious to boot! Not just fare for kids, that's for sure. Though mine loves to sing along and at one point this summer there was an actual ban on the CD for awhile. Just to take a rest. It is just too good.

This year, the little one can watch Duplex instead of her favourite from last year, Mecca Normal.
That is so hilarious. It cracks me up.

On the mouse front, score another one for the wretched filthy vermin. I am getting closer to setting those traps!
I just wish that my cat would do his job and secure the damn fortress. Enough already.

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ricaaaahhhh said...

Years ago on my birthday, my friend and I followed Chris Murphy at the Word On The Street Festival in Toronto. Eventually we talked to him and he gave me an autograph. He spelled my name wrong. He still makes my Friends inspired Celebrity List though. Ba ba bada ba...