Monday, July 17, 2006

With an Attitude like that?

I just got this weird call from some group calling themselves "BC Organization of Police Officers" or some such charity.
I don't really know. But they did tell me that "our" call would be recorded for quality purposes.

Then he launched into his pitch, and I was truly too tired to protest, so I listened as he used my name loudly, often, and with force.
".....blah blah.........your underprivileged families.......AND TO KEEP VIOLENT CRIMINALS LOCKED UP BEHIND BARS WHERE THEY BELONG......."

huh? It was weird, but I let him go on. Saying my name and then repeating his rant about violent criminals again.
It stuck out like a sore thumb, so when he finally stopped to take a breath, and say, "what's best for you... $45?"
I said, "um, it sounds too political, but thanks for calling"....
he interrupts me and goes on about not understanding what I mean, and he was sure that I believed that violent non rehabilitated criminals should be behind bars.
It left such a bad taste in my mouth.
I didn't really want to hang up, but the dude was seriously not taking no for an answer, and he seemed genuinely flabbergasted that I thought he was coming on too conservative like and scary.

Perhaps I was speaking to one of these said violent criminals working inside the pen?

whatever. It's over, and I'll be continuing to screen my calls.

The most awesome John Fahey is helping me stay calm with his gorgeous guitar playing.
tell her to come back home.

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