Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's always better on holiday

Some things I did on my vacation:

-drank beer, too much beer, and now I will pay to work off the belly
-went to the beach. almost everyday
-swam and floated in the pool. almost everyday
-watched reality television
-went to the beach.
-reconnected with an old, dear friend.
-drove around on dirt roads at high speed.
-listened to the red winged black birds every morning.
-gardened until the sun went down, or it was time to drink beer.
-went to a family wedding which played mostly new country. bleh.
-went to the beach.
-burned stuff.

The question I am asking myself now that I have returned to the ghetto:

-what am I doing here?


Let's go get some tacos said...

sounds like a pretty good time! we were missing you around here!

freakpowertix said...


sounds like a talking heads lyric, that last question: i've been axing myself that too ever since i got back from my recent travels to the south & to my hometown!

enjoyed seeing your first video, btw! "good with a shovel." that rocked.

i need more time off... here & there, perhaps? we'll try to make your return a wee bit more bearable, if that's possible! "hi" to yrmom, btw! buzznet is buggy right now, & i'm up late, working! (blech!)

Smivey said...

Did you actually ride that slide?

kntgrl said...

they sky shute?
hell yeah!

ricaaaahhhh said...

Heyyyy...knitgirl...have you seen this?

Tell me you didn't miss the mountains. I've only been to BC once, and I miss the mountains.

kntgrl said...

I didn't really.....and OMG....I heart Jian