Monday, October 17, 2005

Occupational laffs

I just have to mention this great thing that happened to me at work the other day. There's this old timer Chinese man who has been hanging around the same corner for the past 4 years or so, so you could say we've become acquaintances of sorts.
I've learned just enough Chinese to make him laff and respond in Chinese, and he has learned NO English, which is ok by me.
There are plenty of other people who want to chat it up for hours.
So he's always marveling at my legs, which are always exposed, from the knee down, and quite muscular and defined due to the incredible amount of stairs that I climb every day. He's astonished at their size. Marveling even, and I laugh, 'cause WHO would make mention of something like that?Maybe they're boner inducing, like I've heard someone once say, so I start pointing at my ring, mostly for MY benefit, to have a laugh at the old codger. As if to say 'settle down old man, I'm married, can't ya see?' So this has become a semi-regular occurrence, and the other day, dude points to a telephone pole, then to my legs. All the time laughing, and smiling. I decide NOT to point at his crotch and make the pinkie gesture.
So again, I'm just laughing it off and telling stories at work and on the internet.
I've learned a few naughty words in Chinese as well, and a couple of lewd gestures that might get across my actual feelings, but hey, I don't want to be a rude, boor. Plus, he might really get off on that, so I'm gonna leave it alone.

It's just ridiculous the things that I have heard people say over the years.
Somepeople are just truly clueless, or actual sociopaths enacting all their crap of anyone who happens to be within range.


mitya said...

hiya, kg!

i don't understand. how do you know that he's not just saying that your legs are big and strong like telephone poles? i can totally imagine some old chinese dude finding that comment-worthy and not some kind of strange sexual advance.

Let's go get some tacos said...

i'm sure there are some universal gestures he's understand

you're far more polite than i would be