Monday, October 03, 2005

My job is weird!

Today I received a letter from my union which begins,

"Dear Sister Bourque,

I am writing with regard to the Proctor and Gamble householder mailing that the National Union accepted for delivery on September 6, 2005.

Earlier this week, large shipments of Proctor and Gamble's tampon samples arrived in stations throughout Vancouver. Naturally, these items attracted the attention of shop stewards because the mailings exceed the size limitations prescribed in the collective agreement. As a result, a number of our stewards immediately raised their objections with their supervisors. In response to those objections, management unceremoniously informed our stewards (in front of their colleagues) that the Union had agreed to accept these items for delivery."

Yes, and it goes on.Isn't that weird? It just felt a bit "Brazil" to me,
or possibly something by Kafka.
But this is my occupation at present, so I will abide, and do the happy dance every couple of weeks when the cheque comes in.


mitya said...

What's so weird? Not that it's not, but I don't understand why. The fact that the union leadership is having a fit about the size of some samples that are being given to members? The fact that the collective agreement between a union and employer includes the fact that all employees will get promotional materials? Or are you a mail carrier and these parcels are too large/heavy?

Actually, you probably shouldn't answer that. You never want your blog to be traced back to you(r employer).

kntgrl said...

the true absurdity of the situation will all be revealed here mitya!

Jay V said...

I never read Kafka. :(

Let's go get some tacos said...

tampons huh