Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forever Immortalized by Google

I was walking around my territory in East Van doing my job the other day when I realized that the Google Car was in the vicinity taking photos.
I was watching it zip up and down the streets and alleys in the lower grounds, so was very aware of where it was coming and going by the time it got to the street I was on.
I had heard an interesting story on CBC about this town in England that had resisted the car and it's invasive photography. They just decided "no" and created quite an effective ruckus.

I first became aware of the whole "street scene" feature when I was virtually lurking around LA's downtown core one afternoon a year or so ago. I loved it, but can see how privacy is really an issue.
I suppose now that the car has captured me on the job, I will be forever immortalized on street in Vancouver. Look for me with my blurred out face and extended finger. heh heh


anouk said...

Radical! I love street view.

April said...

good for you!

Lindsay said...

Weird! I want to go search for us now....