Friday, January 23, 2009

Yarnbombing and the knit graffiti saga continues

Yesterday I happened to be home from work by accident and heard an interview with Leanne and Mandy on CBC talking about their upcoming book, Yarnbombing.
It was cool to hear, and has got me started on making yet another branch of this original blaaaahg.

Please, do check out the Yarnbombing site, and the newest member of my blog family, Strathcozies.

get yer craft on people!!!!!


Nikki said...

You blog! And you didn't tell me! Well... not that I know you that well... being one of your friendly Flickr stalkers... but anyway, I've tracked you down now *muhahahaha*

John said...

Saw your work mentioned in the "yarnbombing" article in the Globe & Mail today. Way to go, Knitgirl.