Sunday, November 30, 2008

I know I shouldn't laugh.......

...but this is the face of a scared little boy about to pee in his pants.

In case you haven't been listening, or are not a Canadian interested in federal affairs, our country is in a Constitutional Crisis. By dabbling in the ideologies that make up the identity of what it means to be a "Canadian", Prime Minister Steven Harper has blown it. This coupled with the fact that we JUST had a national election? People are annoyed. His old stomping grounds of Calgary might not accept the direness of the situation, but he's managed to unite all of the opposition parties against him. I believe this includes the Bloc Québécois.

What is especially delicious about this possibility of taking power from an ineffectual government, is the fact that Michaelle Jean, the Governor General, will be the one to decide how it will all go down, if it happens.
She is seen as a waste of money by most Conservatives, and they attack her travel expenses from time to time, but she is a representative of our country, and needs to exist.
As if we would want some totally backwards, uncultured, hater of the arts, right wing hill billy to represent us to the rest of the worldly universe. She puts up with a great deal of heat, and this seems like karmic payback for being maligned continuously.

I hope it goes through. I'm tired of all the cozying up to all the wrong people. I'd better end there, as I'm no political writer, and it's like Beavis and Butthead talking about the Mona Lisa in here, or something.

Let us all laugh aloud now, shall we?

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kickpleat said...

i can't wait!