Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Waves: Chinatown

I met a couple of fine ladies for coffee tonight at Waves Coffee in Chinatown.
It's a 24 hour establishment at the corner of Pender and Main Streets, just one block from the infamous "Hastings and Main".
Yadda Yadda.

It felt weird going in there because I'd been to the old place several times which was jam packed full of Chinese curios and every type of thing imaginable.

I got a Latte, of course, and I should have had some food, but I was feeling stunned and not thinking clearly. What I saw looked good. Possibly even vegan.

It's huge, with comfy seats. Open air in the front and back. Free wifi. Plus, just having an alternative to Starbucks™ is a plus.

The only drawback was that the "Beavertail" guy came to our table, and as deferential and polite as he was....I could not give him any money. I hope this does not make me a Yuppie object of scorn.


Shelouise said...

You know you do your part for the kids down on their luck in the DTES. And we ALL know that handing out money isn't the best way to help. Keep your chin up lady.

kickpleat said...

is it really 24 hrs? i remember seeing the 24 hrs sign before they opened, but now that it's open, i don't recall seeing it there! yay for coffee in the 'hood.

kntgrl said...

good question...guess we'll have to see.

It's really sterile inside....and completely loud and inappropriate outdoors. a real adventure.

anouk said...

Hooray for grown up coffee time!

johnmcme said...

Whoa! Coffee shop at Pender ans Main! Southwest corner? Can't see it here from Salmon Arm.

Anonymous said...

northwest corner. yeah....it's a trip!--rbn

qousqous said...

This is the first hit on google for "waves chinatown".